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“Just received my order and I love the bows, I am sure my daughter would too if she wasn’t 6 months old and doesn’t really have any hair to speak of….but until then, maybe I will just have to wear them! What’s even better was that I won the bows; I probably would have never found you, but I will be sure to pass on your name to some friends. Nice quality ribbon on the bows by the way. Thanks again, we love them!”
Jessica S.

“Love these barrettes! My daughter wears one to sweep her hair out of her eyes every day. These barrettes and bows are well made, reasonably priced and come in many designs (custom orders too). Best of all, they STAY IN!”
Melissa from Mommies With Style

“I saw these at a local craft show and I have to say they’re very cute and very well made!”
Jen C

“My daughter, Meggan is 14 months old and has one of these barrettes to match every outfit. She is not the type to keep much in her hair, but these barrettes are so light that she barely knows they are there. Also, they lay flat against her head and now that her hair is growing longer they keep her hair out of her eyes. These barrettes make a great gift for someone who is having or just had a baby girl. They add a beautiful finishing touch to any outfit!!! We get compliments every day on how great they look in her hair.”
Donna B.

“Just wanted to let you know I received the barrettes, they’re so teeny and cute!”
Karen H.

“My daughter Grace is 10 weeks old and she has been wearing Chesapeake Ribbon barrettes since she was only two weeks old. The designs are beautiful and it is amazing how well they stay in her hair! I get so many compliments on them wherever we go..people are amazed that a barrette will stay in a newborn’s hair. I never have to answer the question “Is it a boy or a girl?” I can’t say enough about how wonderful these barrettes are!”
Maureen K.

“My 1 year old, daughter Viv, has the barette to match her 4th of July outfit. These are the only barettes she will keep in her hair for a long period of time.”
Viv, Duke and Lulu’s mom

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